Sabtu, 10 Februari 2018

10 Dangerous Chemicals In Cigarettes

Dangers of smoking would've been very often you hear and see is widely known, smoking can cause various health problems, especially cancer. But what is the reason? Here is a row of substances contained in cigarettes can harm your body.

Smoke inhaled by the active or passive smokers contains about 7000 chemicals and 60 of which is carcinogenic. but this time we will not be discussing that this time we will discuss about thevery dangerous chemicals in cigarettes and 10 of them are as follows :

  •  Chromium

One of the harmful chemicals contained in cigarettes are substances chromium. These are chromium substances blamed if carcinogen to human DNA and ruin it. Carcinogen caused by chromium this was the cause of the emergence of cancer.

The substances chromium contained in cigarettes is commonly used in everyday life to make perwarna substances, paint, and metal alloys. And of course sucking these harmful substances can harm the health of the body.

  • Cadmium

Cadmium also are still included in the metal content is also harmful substances which can also be found in the battery compartment. Substances cadmium gets into the systems of the human body through cigarette smoke that is inhaled through the nose.

Substance hazardous metals is also a major cause of cancers that attack humans. Not only can lead to cancer, womb substances cadmium also can damage kidneys and shut down the flow of blood in the arteries. Normally the human body was designed to be able to pull out these toxins in the body, but since the number of cigarettes smoked too much then the resulting buildup of cadmium in the body.

  • Formaldehyde

To be able to make the bodies became more durable and kill microbes, usually people use liquid chemical substances called formaldehyde. If you feel the burning eyes and coughing, that's the effect caused by hazardous substances on this one.

Smarting eyes and coughing problems can be avoided by not being around people who are smoking. If all around you there are many people who suck a or a few cigarettes. It could make the negative effects of such substances could be more severe.
  •  Benzene

Benzene is one of the substances contained in petroleum and petrochemical materials is one of the most basic and important solvent in the industrialized world. In daily life, substance benzene can be found in products such as pesticides and also fuel for motor vehicles.

The content of benzene in a cigarette this can lead to the emergence of carcinogens that are influential in the occurrence of cancer. Benzene is also estimated to constitute harmful substances that cause the onset of leukemia cells. Exposed in a long period of time can cause anemia, genetic damage, and excessive bleeding.

  • Arsenic

Is this harmful substances contained in cigarettes this is a cause of cancer, heart and also damaging the blood vessels in the body. Smoking in a long period of time can create a buildup of arsenic in the body.

In addition to the content of the substances mentioned above, a cigarette containing arsenic said can aggravate the effects of other harmful substances contained in cigarettes. Arsenic can cause problems in the body where the body becomes difficult to repair DNA damaged by smoking.

  • Hydrogen Cyanide

Hydrogen cyanide is a very dangerous substance that takes the form of a gas that can be found in a cigarette. Hydrogen cyanide gas has a very bad effect to the body which can lead to serious damage on the heart and blood vessels.

Although not directly can cause cancer, hydrogen cyanide content can increase the percentage of esophageal cancer by attacking the cilia (tiny hairs that are useful to filter the air that enters into the body). With the damage the cilia, the body becomes more easy accessed by toxins that get into the lungs.
  •  Ammonia

For you guys that are in the active learning HIGH SCHOOL chemistry surely know a substance called ammonia. If harnessed correctly, ammonia can be used as an effective toilet cleaning materials. In the industry, this ammonia entered into a cigarette to add the effect dependency against nicotine.

The content of ammonia in cigarette nicotine in the form of changing the gas so it can be more easily absorbed by the lungs and also the blood flow. Equally dangerous with carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide, ammonia can also cause damage to the cilia.

  • Nitrogen Oxides

The content of nitrogen oxide gas is found in many of the emissions from motor vehicles where fumes of motor vehicles is the main substances that cause environmental pollution. In the body, the content of nitrogen oxide substances contained in cigarettes can cause lung problems such as pneumonia.

In general the human body produces nitrogen oxide in small amounts to help the air flow more smoothly by means of developing lungs. However a large amount of nitrogen oxide in the smoking make lungs inflate larger so make lungs sucking nicotine and other harmful substances.

  • Carbon Monoxide

Substances in the form of gases are colorless and odorless. Hazardous substances contained in cigarettes has 3-5% presentation can be found in cigarette smoke. If a substance is inhaled by humans, then this will be harmful substances attached to red blood cells. This substance will replace the position of the oxygen that is supposed to attach to the red blood cells.

Carbon monoxide attached to blood cells will make the circulation of oxygen in the body becomes disturbed. Lack of oxygen in the body can lead to serious problems for health. Because that's what to expect people not to approach the person being smoked because it can endanger their health, too.

  • Tar

This is the tar that cause stains on teeth, fingers and even the lungs of people who smoke. Many people believe that the cigarette contained large amounts of harmful substances. Meskpiun nowadays many cigarette company has made smoking a low tar content with, but still does not change the beliefs that smoking can harm health.

Tar is a dangerous substance that is active at the time of the cigarette is ignitied type. Please note that the actual way we always go through it made using tar. Can't imagine it turns out substances that are made to the asphalt road turns found in cigarettes and consumed by humans.

Hopefully with explained about the substances contained in it can create a view of smokers changing that it is high time they try to quit smoking. Remember that smoking it has many negative impacts and do not try once in a while for smoking.