Kamis, 22 Februari 2018

10 Diseases Because Of Smoking

Many people who already know the dangers of smoking but still continue to smoking and not distracted by the health of a passive smoker. The danger that threatens the future is actually a significant effect on the quality of life of a person since smoking tends to damage the health of systematically and real. This is a disease caused by smoking which may not ever be imagined!

1.    Causes Throat Cancer
Cigarette smoke containing nicotine, tar and lead hazards that should only be feasible for a mixture of industrial material precisely into the human blood flow and damage DNA from esophageal cells slowly causing esophageal cancer.

Symptoms :

•    Throat feels sore
•    Difficulty swallowing
•    Sound becomes husky
•    Swollen around neck
•    High fever and chills

2.    Causes A Heart Attack

Carbon monoxide substances contained in nicotine cigarettes can erode the supply of oxygen to the blood vessels of the heart, which causes the heart difficulty pumping blood normally. If the pumped blood is stagnant and very small, it will trigger a sudden heart attack.

 Symptoms :

•    Cause of chest tightness
•    Chest pain
•    Quick tired when walking away
•    Fast heartbeat
•    Easy fatigue Easy dehydration

3.    Causes Renal Cell Damage

Carbon monoxide substances that exist in nicotine and tar cigarettes cause the heart rate to change and inhibit the smooth circulation of breathing and blood pressure. Carcinogens are painstakingly filtered by the body through kidney actually resulted in damage to kidney cells as well as changes in DNA cells.

Symptoms :

•    Heartbeat sometimes fast sometimes very slow
•    Quickly tired
•    Easy to fall I’ll
•    Chest tightness and pain The blood food is not stable

4.    Cause Thickening Arteries

Nicotine and tar that are on cigarettes can thwart the process of the destruction of fat in the digestive system so that obstruct the arteries that exist in the body becomes full that caused the silting fat. This condition causes the arteries thickened and block the flow of blood to really become deadlocked. This condition can cause sudden death.

5.    Cause The Emergence Of Obstructive Lung Disease Is A Chronic

A smoking addiction that usually spends more than two sachets in one day if continued for many years and can cause difficulty in breathing and chest that very pain. The air sacs and inflammation of great damage due to irritation by zar carbon monoxide, lead, and tar on the tobacco.

 Symptoms :

•    Difficulty breathing with normal
•    Chest feels very pain
•    Shortness of breath and wheezing

6.    The Disease Causes Chronic Bronchitis

Smoking Addiction can lead to nasal cavity producing mucus constantly causing pain in the wound to breathe while sleeping. The mucus will continue there could continue to exist until roughly 3 months. If not immediately treated the mucus will continue to come out and affect the sharpness of the sense of smell.

Symptoms :

•    Breath shortness
•    Chest feels pain and weight
•    Out mucus from the nasal cavity is constantly
•    Diminished sense of smell Acuity

7.    Cause Impotence In Men

For men aged 30 to 40 years and active smoking, substance nicotine will result in increased reeks dysfunction. The substance in cigarettes is to undermine and damage the blood vessels and arteries slowly land so that sooner or later there will be arterial blood flow to the penis.
If this condition continues from the year to year can result in early ejaculation and gently land does not have the ability to cure erectile dysfunction and finally become impotent.

Symptoms :

•    Too quickly ejaculate
•     Body fatigue easily
•    Can not erect

8.    Causing Alzheimer's Disease

The substance in cigarettes is very active damage the part of the brain tissue that causes memory loss and inability to analyze accurate information. The blood vessels to the brain are damaged and inflamed so that the number of brain cells becomes reduced.

Symptoms :

•    Often forget
•    Headaches
•    Often get sick Difficulty to analyze information quickly

9.    Causes Of Osteoporosis

Nicotine, tar and lead substances in cigarettes can disrupt the balance of the hormone estrogen in women that serves to maintain bone density. Bone density continues to be eroded and fragile even in productive age, as the availability of natural calcium in the bones gradually is absorbed by the toxins present in nicotine and tar.

Symptoms :

•    Bones feel pain and soreness
•    Easy sprained and broken if hit by impact

10.    Causes Disruption Of Genetic Cells And Causes Leukemia

Benzene substances present in cigarettes can gradually damage genetic cells that can cause babies to be born with disabilities. Damage to cells at the genetic level can propagate in the red bloodstream and toxin blood cells evenly that can lead to blood cancer or leukemia.