Rabu, 14 Februari 2018

Active And Passive Smoker

Indonesia is one of the world's tobacco-producing Countries. Tobacco Indonesia has the best quality in the world. so it's no wonder in Indonesia itself there are many cigarette factories in almost every region. The large number of existing cigarette factory will certainly make a donation in the amount of foreign exchange the country does little of the excise tax imposed on tobacco. However, did you know even though the contribution of foreign exchange in large quantities of cigarettes apparently also gives a very negative impact on detrimental both for smokers themselves or others in the vicinity.
The negative effects of smoking in General as destructive to the cardiovascular system, increasing heart rate, cause high blood pressure (hypertension), increasing the risk of the exposed sroke, damaging blood vessels, reducing blood flow to the heart and reduce the amount of oxygen that enter ked ala body. You need to know that smoking is not only harmful for those who smoke, but also harm people in the vicinity. The people around the smoker who is not a smoker may inhale the smoke issued so it stays dangerous and detrimental to them albeit indirectly.

Those who are not smokers who are around people who smoke is called passive smokers. Any loss as well as active smokers, so that smoking is indeed absolutely detrimental for perokokaktif and passive. It turns out that astounding from the dangers of smoking was in fact passive smokers are more harmed than active smokers. The risk of passive smokers themselves higher on women, children and babies. In children and infants, cigarette smoke can cause asthma, ear infections, and even death.

Many health experts are making a statement that passive smokers have a risk of getting dangerous diseases is three times larger than the active smokers. This statement is of course not to say that passive smokers should be active so that the smoker's risk of getting the disease is dropping. However, this must instead be made concern for activesmokers that the dangers of smoking behavior they apparently can infect your beloved family. How passive smokers can get a more insidious impact even though they do not smoke directly?

Health experts claimed that 100 percent of the hazards of cigarette smoke, only 25 percent felt by the active smokers recall due to a filter on the other end of the cigarette. Meanwhile, 75 percent of the rest of the dangers thus obtained by passive smokers because of exposure to cigarette smoke directly. Smoke inhaled by passive smokers have at least 4000 harmful chemicals like cyanide, tar, arsenicbenzene, and various other harmful compounds. By inhaling various harmful chemical compounds, then passive smoker of course potentially getting terrible diseases.

Passive smokers are certainly could potentially get a related disease of respiratory disorders like asthma or lung cancer. Asthma, breathing hard, prolonged cough, to risk it brings the passive smokers. In addition, lung cancer can also be caused by smoke accidentally inhaled a passive smoker. A data even suggests that 20-30 per cent of lung cancer sufferers in the world turned out to be a passive smoker. In addition, passive smokers are also at risk of getting a heart attack or stroke due to blood suddenly exposed to the contents of cigarette smoke tends to become more sticky and trigger a blockage in the blood vessels. 

 The Negative Effects Of Smoking For Passive Smokers :
  • The formation of mucus in the respiratory tract is excessive
  • Cough
  • Irritation of the lungs
  • Chest pain
  • Irritation of the respiratory tract and the eyes

 If passive smokers experiencing chest pain due to cigarette smoke can be indicated that he was affected by heart disease, whereas the irritation in the eyes can cause cataracts.
The Negative Effects Of Smoking For Smokers Is Active:
  • Increase the risk of developing heart disease
  • Cholesterol levels in the blood rise
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes and stroke

 It is clear that smoking habit more give harm to active and passive smokers, so the need for awareness of smokers to reduce or even eliminate their smoking habit before delivering the fatal consequences. For active smokers should also to appreciate other people around so expect not to smoke in public places so as not to harm others because preventing is better than cure.

If you love your family, it would be better if you didn't smoke in front of children or beloved spouse so that your family is not exposed to the risk of terrible diseases in the future. It would be better also if youstop smoking in total because of the smoke is not good for your ownhealth and also those who are around you.