Senin, 12 Februari 2018

Cigarettes Could Kill Your Unborn Babies

Smoking not only can make Mothers become infertile, but smoking causes fetal death. The condition due to the habit of smoking Mothers who continue to run for in the pregnant so the result in the cardiovascular system.

Need for the mothers know that chemical substances in cigarettes is a vasoconstrictor, which can narrow your blood vessels, including the blood vessels leading to the placenta and the baby. It means that a cigarette sucked up immediately or the actual smoke (passive smokers), eventually leading to the disruption of the distribution on oxygen which is essential for fetal development.

This resulted in a number of her dormant source of food and oxygen from the placenta so as to allow the occurrence of placenta separated from the uterus too early or miscarriage, disorders of fetal growth so that babies born with low weight (LBW the baby would be at risk) are sick and have to stay in the hospital longer.

Not only as a result of mothers who keep smoking during pregnancy there are some babies who could even die. A study in the United Kingdom, said that more than 3,000 to 5,000 miscarriages events per year in the United Kingdom, closely associated with smoking.

Here are some of the harmful effects of cigarette smoke for the fetus :

  • Physically Disabled

One of the most danger from the effects of passive smoking on unborn baby was of the possibility of an increased risk of physical disabilities. The constant cigarette smoke exposure on pregnant women will begin the genetic mutation and will result in a paraplegic, testicles and brain.
  • Birth Defects

If pregnant women become passive smokers continuously throughout the period of pregnancy, it is likely the baby will suffer birth defects either mild or severe. Cigarette smoke is also the cause gene mutation because of the dangerous toxic products entering the body of a pregnant woman through passive smoking.

  • Low Birth Weight

Many women are not aware of the reasons for low birth weight of their babies is because of exposure to cigarette smoke constantly. If you find that babies have a low weight during the pregnancy, ULTRASOUND examination of the fetus and hypoxic vasoconstriction — which causes decreased blood supply to the placenta — could be the cause.

  • Fetal Organ Damaged

Pregnant women who become passive smokers will not get sufficient blood supply for plasentanya. This would result in the cardiovascular system, the digestive system and the central nervous system of the fetus is damaged. Studies show that abnormal on neurobehavioural development of infants associated with exposure to passive smokers by the mother.

  • Fetal Respiratory Problems

Pregnant women are often exposed to cigarette smoke also causes abnormal development on the respiratory system of the fetus. Babies born from mothers who become passive smokers can develop breathing difficulties and have high chances of developing asthma in the future. These mutations tend to have a lifelong impact in the form of serious birth defects and could not be treated.

  • Premature Birth

Another problem faced by pregnant women passive smokers is the birth of a premature fetus. This will affect the normal development of the baby, which may also cause complications in the future.

Smoking while pregnant is also a risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). In addition, infants born to mothers who smoke are more likely to have certain birth defects, such as cleft lip or not closed her cleft palate.

Well, looking at the risks above, cannot be bargained again, surely it is the habit of smoking must be stopped so that the mother does not have the content of nicotine in the body as small, as well as minimize the risks that could harm a fetus.
Come on mom, Stop Smoking And loving your life and your babies to keep your pregnancy until born and then grow up become a kids then till become adult and living happy ever after and don't forget too for pregnant women  to consume a healthy food and live with a regular sleep pattern.