Sabtu, 10 Februari 2018

How To Stop Smoking in A Natural Way

It is difficult to stop smoking if the person had been a heavy smoker. You may have to make a resolution to quit smoking, but if you've managed to stop this habit?
Smoking is a bad habit that a damage the lungs and cause a lot of diseases. Do you realize the effect that can be caused to your body? If not, it's time you start realizing it, even if you are just a light smoker. Smoke doesn't affect your body after a few years of smoking, but will directly affect your health from the first time you smoke.

Cigarettes contain more nicotine, which in effect conferring body, such as blood pressure, lung cancer, heart problems and other illnesses. The decision is in your hands, do you want to sacrifice your health for the sake of the harmful chemicals in cigarettes?

Here are some ways and simple natural ingredients that can help you quit smoking :

  • Oatmeal

Oats are the ingredients that have long been used to help stop the smoking habit. Take one tablespoon of oatmeal powder and mix with 2 cups of water to a boil. Let stand overnight, then boiled in the morning for 10 minutes. Drink when you are finished eating. Avoid consuming Oats at night. Oats can help removing toxins in the body and decrease the desire to smoke. Oats can also relieve symptoms of effects "addicted" nicotine.

  • Mineral Water

Drink lots of mineral water is the main solution to overcome the smoking habit. Water can help detoxify the body. Whenever you feel like to smoke cigarettes, drink a glass of water. This not only lowers the craving to smoke but also decrease the symptoms of effects "addicted"

  • Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is one of the natural ingredients used to stop smoking habit. Combine cayenne pepper on food or with a glass of water. Cayenne Pepper helps lower sensitivity of the respiratory system against addictive substances, such as tobacco and nicotine. Cayenne Pepper can also lose flavor to want to smoke again.

  • Ginger

One of the common symptoms of nicotine addiction is nausea, whichcan be overcome by eating ginger juice. Add 1 teaspoon of ginger powder on your morning breakfast foods to reduce the desire to smoke again. Ginger is effective to prevent the production of dopamine, one of the main components found in nicotine.

  • Lobelia Plants

Lobelia also is beneficial in reducing the desire to consume a cigarette back and overcome nicotine addiction symptoms, such as nausea, irritation, often hungry and become weak concentration. The way of consumption by performing extracts on lobelia can be in the form of liquid or powder is known will not alter the positive effects of this herb. Lobelia also is readily available in drugstores herbs. Lobelia themselves contain lobeline which has the properties to replace the nicotine and consume the lobelia plants will not give the effect of addiction as nicotine.

  • Wheat

Wheat is a very healthy food for your health at heart because wheat has a high-fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, folate, and potassium. Eat whole grain cereals can help lower bad cholesterol levels and maintain the health of the arteries that helps lower the risk of heart disease.
Wheat also contain a chemical called avenathramides which can reduce stress, strengthens the nervous system, fight free radicals and cope with high blood pressure. All of these benefits is very important for smokers who are at high risk for heart disease. If consuming cereals wheat, smokers can also be helped because the extracts derived from green wheat can reduce symptoms of nicotine addiction and help reduce the craving of cigarettes.
  • Honey

Honey is good material for the process of quitting smoking. Honey contains vitamins, enzymes and proteins that are useful and help stop the smoking habit.

  • Smoking Herbs

Smoking herbal alternative bisamenjadi replace regular cigarettes and help overcome addiction so as not to change the smoking habit that means keep smoking but do not have a higher risk. Smokers are accustomed to reaching for a cigarette in certain situations and the ruling only at certain times during the day.
Sometimes smoke give comfort for smokers in addition to the sheer desire to suck the nicotine.
Smoking herbs contain chemicals and carcinogens that are little more than regular cigarettes. People can replace smoking with tobacco smoking herbs for their psychological needs.
The main benefit of smoking herbs are not additive. It contains no nicotine at all and is made of mint, cinnamon, clover, licorice or Lemongrass.
Smoking herbs should be used only as short-term assistants to stop nicotine habit and not long term.