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Psychological Impact Because Of Smoking

Smoking is already known as a risk factor of various degenerative diseases because of the variety of their subjects. But did you know that smoking can also affect the person's psychological condition? The effects of smoking against mental person may vary and not all people experience it. Some smokers may also actually realize the change of emotions as the effects of smoking, but chose to leave it.
Smoking is a material that is harmful to human health. A cigarette contains a great many types of chemical substances. The main toxins that are in cigarettes are tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide.
  • Tar is a sticky substance a hydrocarbon and is attached to the lungs.
  • Nicotine is the main ingredient in cigarettes, namely is the addictive substances that affect nerves and blood circulation. This nicotine is a substance i.e. carcinogens trigger cancer stimulating chemicals in the brain causing the adrenal glands, increasing addiction to interfere with the heart and causes blood pressure and heart rate increase.
  • Carbon monoxide is a substance that binds to hemoglobin in the blood so as to make the blood not being able to bind oxygen because the levels of CO carbon monoxide exceeds or simply applied in the body.

While cigarette smoke contains 4.000 chemicals are very dangerous. Here are some of the chemicals contained in cigarette smoke :
  • Ammonia: one toilet cleaner liquid
  • Acetone: one of the cleaning fluid ingredients
  • Cadmium: metal in batteries
  • Vinyl Chloride: one liquid PVC
  • Napthtalene: one of the ingredients of liquid camphor
  • Carbon Monoxide: gas disposal of exhaust fumes or motor car.
  • Tar: substances that attach to the lung
  • Nicotine: substances that lead to addiction against smoking
  • Cyanide: one gas chamber
  • Formaldehyde: one of the preservative of the bodies
  • Arsenic: poison

How Smoking Can Affect A Person's Mental?

Nicotine affects brain performance so that trigger dependency, that ultimately change the way a person's thinking and behavior. These effects can be permanent because nicotine is very easy to accumulate on the brain. Nicotine could be absorbed by the mucosa of the mouth when smoked, and reaches the brain within 10 seconds after it is sucked up. More and more, the more powerful the effect of nicotine dependence and psychological changes experienced by someone.

Dependence in smokers also involves other mechanisms that triggered an imbalance of brain function. Nicotine addiction makes a person by way of triggering an increase in the hormone dopamine in the brain. Excess dopamine increased in smokers is also accompanied by a decrease in the enzyme monoamineoxidase which play a role in lowering dopamine levels. Without the enzyme, dopamine levels would be more difficult under control thus causing dependence.

Dependence Due To Smoking Also Can Trigger A Behavior Change Smokers

Most smokers are feeling the effects of increased dopamine excess as a sense of tranquillity, blissful pleasure, or when smoking. This causes a person to become trouble pacifying his own mind if it does sucksmoking. If that occurs, then the smoker will look for and use smoking endlessly.

Unwittingly, smokers also became more aggressive and irritable when it should restrain her desire to smoke. This of course will affect the social life of smokers who makes his stress, and triggers more severe behavioral changes.

Smoking makes a person feel depression through several ways, including :
  •  Mood Swing

Because of the dependency and feel calmer when smoking, a person's mood became better but then drastically changed quickly after stopping smoking. This can make a person feel more depressed.
  • Hormonal Changes Dopamine

Increase dopamine hormone uncontrollably also may make the braindoes not respond to the hormone as well as it once was. As a result, smokers are less likely to feel happy, but it will keep smoking just because of the effects of dependency.

Smoking Affects Lifestyle

Review of conditions in General active smokers among the young age (13-19) in their demands that cigarette smoking is a lifestyle that they felt looked more stylish, gaul, and macho. This is a severe psychological impact due to the effects caused by smoking are also very dangerous. As for active smokers among the adult age (> 19 years), smoking turned out to be a lifestyle or habit is widespread and is considered a good needs at a time when spare time or when socializing with
among the public.

Smoking Causes The Behavior Of Tolerance And Dependency

We already know that smoking will cause the effects of addiction. Along with the development of time effect this will evolve into the addictive effects tolerance i.e. effects that would make someone do the addition of dosage. Suppose that at a time when the person is usually smoked 1 pack of packs of cigarettes so the existence of this effect will increase the overdose be 2/3 Pack a day.

These habits will trigger other effects as well i.e. the effect of dependency or addiction effects where the spur of the moment when one quit smoking will cause certain symptoms like body weak, lack of concentration, lethargy, it's hard to think and others.

Handling The Psychological Smoking

Because we know the smoking behaviour give rise to enormous psychological impact also affects health and even cause death. In Indonesia was ranked 3rd with the number of smokers in the world after China and India, and also was ranked the 5th largest consumer after the United States, China, Russia, and Japan. Here's how responses :

  • Learn to do a variety of activities of relaxation so that smoking is not allowed as a form of escapism when stressed.
  • Practice of smoking are scheduled in order to reduce your intake of nicotine in gradually within Smoking tersenut must be sucked up in a scheduled time rather than at the time a very very addicted so that smoke can be controlled by time and not by a boost in self-esteem, coercion or the mood of the person.
  • Encouragement is the best is the intervention of the doctor who promotes the dangers of hypertension, cardiac, cancer and other diseases caused from smoking

Or better yet to avoid smoking and make a concerted effort to stop smoking as soon as possible is one way of avoiding the psychological impact more severe. Reduce the amount of smoking, divert attentionwhile feeling anxious, and find the right professional help if you are experiencing depression, is one way of countering the effects of dependency.