Sabtu, 10 Februari 2018

Smoking And Lungs Cancer

We all certainly already know very well, that smoking is identical with the spread of toxins.
Smoking can cause various health problems, when inhaled, these fumes will seem like a poison pill that you deliberately to undermine consumption all the organs in the body and harm health, especially the health problems associated with the respiratory system. Smoke will can cause stress on the respiratory tract, both in the short and long term.

Unfortunately, current smoking has become part of the lifestyle and habits of most people, especially men. So it is very difficult to control, except the existence of consciousness than the smokers themselves to at least reduce the intensity of the smoke.

The impact caused from smoking not only comes from the smokers themselves, but the people who are around the smoker will also taste the bahanya impact when inhaling smoke puff of dust, these aerial called by the passive smokers.

The disadvantages of smoking not only would attack and cause health disorders only. However, it also caused financial problems which led to the emergence of various problems. For heavy smokers who've been so addictive, they will be able to spend up to dozens of cigarettes in each day. This condition is surely going to happen gradually.

From a smoker, this habit will eventually make the number of cigarettes that they spend will continue to grow and grow. In this way, certainly the budget issued to buy cigarettes and satisfy the desire of merokoknya would certainly be more and more. Then how much longer will the amount of budget they have to spend to buy cigarettes and satisfy his desire?

No problem, indeed, during the the smokers always has enough budget to buy cigarettes, but most smokers who are experiencing financial problems, this condition will certainly cause problems and it is not impossible, the person who concerned shall melakuakn all means in order to generate money for smoking, which means a risk the threat of crime will be even greater.

In addition, the most worrying impact of smoking habit done by some people is the lack of tolerance of oranglain who are not smokers. For example, when a smoker was in public facilities where in it there are others that are experiencing the risk vulnerable to the dangers of cigarette smoke as well as older infants, people who have respiratory system problems and others will be of course the more dangerous to them. Yet again, another issue which is also never found the solution was the smoker couldn't adjust himself with another person in a public environment.

Other dangers of the habit of smoking is closely related to the incidence of respiratory diseases. One type of respiratory diseases that often threatens is lung disease. The cause of a puff of smoke will make part of the lung becomes dirty, it is these conditions that may indicate that your lungs start to break down.

The parable illustrates this occurs is lagit ceiling kitchen. The palate is clean, with constantly exposed to fumes from frying pan will fade start dirty and blackened due to smoke from the cooking activities. So does that happen when you inhale cigarette smoke. This will create bad habits lung that had been contaminated and gradually became cleaner will make your lungs getting dirty and polluted.

Lung conditions contaminated will improve vulnerable in this section stricken with many problems or diseases. As a result, this condition will also affect your health.

In fact there are so many types of diseases that can be caused by a puff of cigarette smoke, not only occurs in the lungs generally none of the organs in the body that are not affected by cigarette smoke, because nearly all parts of the body can be damaged by smoke still into the body.

Lung Disease Arising From The Smoking Habit :

  • Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a type of lung disease that may result from the presence of inflammatory or inflammation of the lungs. This is because they are experiencing an infection. Infections that occur can be caused by a few small microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites.

Smoking can affect the immune system because it's often invite respiratory tract infections. Along with the weakening of the part of the bronchus and lung disorders, the immune system will be able to facilitate exposure to bacteria and microorganisms such as viruses pneumoia will be able to enter and settle in the lungs, as a result will be damage lung tissue.

  • Acute Bronchitis

Bronchitis is a disease that can cause inflammation of the mucous membrane in the bronchus. Bronchi is the air duct from the trachea or windpipe stem goto the lung. The disease itself is divided into bronchitis two parts i.e., acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis.

Irritation that occurs in the Airways or bronchi can this happen due to the puff of smoke that occurs incrementally on a smoker. The habit of sucking smoke it will enter into the respiratory tract and bronchial response produces inflammation making and excessive mucus, which cannot afford to be eliminated naturally by the Cilia (fine hair on the mucous layer) that have been damaged. A result is the sufferer will often have a cough that prompted phlegm that inhibit the respiratory passage.
You need to know, that bronchitis is an early form of chronic obstructive Disease (COPD) which can be fatal, especially when you don't immediately get medical help, the danger could be life-threatening.
For that reason, the best step to avoid any threat of other respiratory diseases in a worse condition is to stop the smoking habit that you do at this time.

  • Lung Cancers

Lung cancer is a type of lung disease that arises with the symptoms of the presence of uncontrolled cell growth that is located in the lungs. This condition is often caused due to the smoke settles of puff.
As for the mechanism of the karsiogenis (the formation of cancer cells) is a series of processes that are quite complex. Other factors that can increase the disease against someone whom is a fairly high oxidative stress, immune factors tubuhh and the most important is the habit of smoking is high enough to increase the risk of the sufferer affected by lung cancer.
Thus some types of lung disease that can occur due to the habit of smoking. May be useful and be a consideration you to immediately stop the smoking habit.