Selasa, 13 Februari 2018

Smoking Are Danger For Your Bones

Proverb "smoking can kill you" is indeed evident "smoking can cause cancer, heart attacks, impotence, and interruption of pregnancy". So slogans warning the danger of smoking in packs of cigarettes. But not many know if it turns out the dangers of smoking also overshadow the haunting and bone health. An active smokers would be more prone to osteoporosis in old age.

Why is osteoporosis could be one of the dangers of smoking?

Osteoporosis is defined as when the condition causing the loss of bone density bones so easily broken. Bone damage resulting from disease osteoporosis is characterized by the presence of pain in bones, and may result in permanent physical disability even death. The relationship of smoking with the occurrence of osteoporosis has been known since a few decades ago in which the smoking behaviour directly reduces bone density.

Like other body cells, bone cells require blood flow which freed from toxins in order to still be able to regenerate and grow optimally. The toxins that get into the body when you smoke will slowly damage the various cells of your body, bone cells are no exception. Bone cells that cause bone density is fragile and easily porous.

Smoking also causes damage to the bone indirectly. In some cases, smoking decreases a person's ability to trigger physical activity so that an unhealthy lifestyle, such as consuming alcohol. Dangers of smoking also weakens the body's durability smokers in General so that they have a pattern of consumption and absorption of nutrients that are less healthy. Especially in women, smoking increases the risk of early menopause, which is an important factor in the onset of osteoporosis.

What are the dangers of smoking for the health of human bones?

The nicotine content of cigarettes, and a variety of other toxic substances, triggering changes and bone damage in some way, such as the following :

  •          Smoking affects the ability to drain the blood that contains nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, including on the human bone tissue.
  •     Smoking increases the hormone cortisol in the blood, thus speeding up the process of release of bone cells (osteoklast)
  •         The effects of toxins from smoking can also slow the formation of new bone cell (osteoblast) manner hinders the hormone calcitonin working so that healthy bone cells become fewer.
  •          Nicotine in the blood also tends to be a toxin against the osteoblast.
  • ·        The effects of smoking can also inhibit the process of absorption of nutrients in the intestinal organs, particularly of vitamin D and calcium needed by bone tissue.
  •          Toxins from smoking can also decrease your estrogen levels on either the male or female reproductive hormone, also is necessary for maintaining bone health.

The impact of smoking against the bone is a long term damage

Bone damage due to smoking is a long-term process, so that the younger person's age first smoked then the greater experience of osteoporosis in old age. When the age of children up to the age of 30 is the time when the body saves nutrition for building bone density. When someone smokes during the body's ability to store nutrients will be reduced so that those who smoke will have lower bone as adults. The density of the bone mineral content of individual smokers reported lower 15-30% compared to people who do not smoke.

After the age of 30 years old then the bone mass will decrease by itself slowly, regenerasinya and process any opt in to slow down. At this time, bone density is missing will not be back. Coupled with the habit of smoking, then the process of decreasing bone density can occur even faster again there could be osteopenia, which is evolving into an early symptom of osteoporosis.

Long term effects of smoking on health hazards of bones are also not limited to someone who suck smoking alone but also other people who inhale or are exposed to cigarette smoke. That is because most of the toxins found in cigarette smoke that can be inhaled and absorbed thus leading to damage of the same effect on the body and bones of the people around the smoker or the impact is not a smoker.

Can the dangers of smoking on health on bone is prevented?

Quit the habit of smoking is the first and most important way to minimize the effects of toxins from cigarettes against the bone. Do attempt smoking cessation with mature and change the habit of smoking at certain times with other habits it is necessary to reduce the risk of smoking behavior of relaps. At any age, quitting smoking can prevent the process of bone damage that will eliminate one of your risk factors of osteoporosis.

In addition to quitting smoking, changes in lifestyle to maintain bone health also needs to be done in the following ways :
  • Routine to Consume foods rich in calcium and vitamin D such as green vegetables, processed dairy products and food fortification
  • Getting started with exercise routine also can maintain the strength of the bone, such as lifting weights.
  • Using prescription drugs from a doctor to manage osteoporosis if needed. Consult your doctor first.
  • Stop to alcohol consumption habits to reduce the effects of calcium and vitamin malabsorbsi