Rabu, 21 Februari 2018

Stop Smoking Effects

When you smoking may indeed you will feel a sense of the blessings. But if you are aware of the taste of the blessings that is false? And thus, smoking will damage your body. That makes the enjoyment appears is a substance nicotine from cigarettes, more you often smoking then you will become more addicted. When nicotine consumed by man through cigarettes, nicotine can steal a sense of quiet and comfortable, confidence sense of calm, also a sense of psychological that should be owned by a person who is not a smoker.

And if the smoke, the taste of the delicious taste as if presented again. For this reason, so if someone already addicted to the nicotine in cigarettes so that people will not hold when not smoking, while health care will be increasingly eroded, many organs of the body that are damaged due to harmful chemical substances contained in smoking.

Therefore, it is very good if you have the desire to quit smoking. Because smoking is completely useless, and it can actually damage your body. The cigarette contains a variety of harmful toxins that will enter the body with cigarette smoke with nicotine content. For those of you who do not understand what nicotine is, nicotine is a really powerful addictive substance, so someone can turn into an active smoker if it is so then the person will have trouble when about to stop smoking completely.

Nicotine substances also have an immune effect, so an active smoker feels like having to consume more cigarettes if they want to get the same cigarette effect as before. In other words, the longer the addiction effect on nicotine will get worse. When quitting smoking, the active smoker will actually feel tortured, both inward and inner.

The symptoms or effects of human felt when stop smoking


Nicotine is preventing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to various parts of the body. Now when you start to stop, the body will react to remove all the poison of its poisonous qualities. In this process, you might have discomfort in physical,

• Sensitive skin (Problematic)

In the early, stop smoking makes skin more sensitive as to crack and become pimples or another skin wound. This is because the body is out toxins are deposited in the body.

• Discomfort in the digestive system

Might you will feel, crampy nausea, flatulence, and constipation. It is time you change your diet and exercise even though only briefly. Do it step by step.

• The Problem In The Nose And Throat
nose and throat will try to remove mucus as a result of cigarettes that have accumulated many years.
May experience coughing, sore throat, and dry mouth. Many wounded consume liquid to speed up this process.

• Appetite Increases

The best way is to consume lots of fluids and eat low-calorie snacks.

• A headache

Lack of nicotine can cause a headache, but do not give up. The way the escaping do the massages on the head of the light, bath-warm water, many drinks and take a deep breath.

• Less sleep

Insomnia is often attacked after stop smoking. The solution, before sleep, bath-warm water, respiratory and exercise is important, do not drink coffee.

• Restless or difficult to concentrate

When smoking, this will indeed calm the nerves, and when you start not smoking, this makes it anxious and difficult to concentrate. The solution, listen to music that can replace cigarettes to calm down and rest from daily activities.

Psychological or mental disorders :

1. Depression

Feel humble, sad even despair. So should keep dealings with friends and the environment, but remember should interact with the environment that will support you to stop smoking.

2. Angry

emotional upheaval can create angrily. Try calms down with count one to 10, after finished, think with calm and convince ourselves that the decision to stop smoking is the best for you.
3. Bored

When bored, tired and depressed, might fugitive is cigarettes. Now when you are getting bored, to decaffeinated other activities that more useful as transmitting the hobby or involved in social activities.

4. Lonely

Perhaps this will make you lonely, impatient and irritable. If your friend is busy, should do the things that gladness or hobby or thus try new things that had never been previously such as cooking.